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The Album Is Finally Out!

 June 10th, 2015        Blog Posts  

Over the years, I’ve asked people how they envision the music studio. I’ll often get similar responses: “It’s fun,” “It’s Hollywood,” “It’s a place that breeds and bleeds creativity,” “ It’s a giant room filled with mystical knobs and buttons whose functionality may only be to serve as aesthetics,” and “It’s glamorous.” While all of this is true at times, I have one word that sums up the studio perfectly: Process. It’s a long, fun, and challenging process. What happens in-between that first melody I sing in the shower and that fresh pressed shiny new recording is a freakin’ process, but an incredibly rewarding one. I’m proud to present my new Album A Comfortable Distance, which is the end product of this process. My throat may be a little sore and my brain may be a little raw, but I’m proud and beyond happy with how everything turned out. Enjoy!


Instant Karma

 May 27th, 2015        Blog Posts  

-I believe- On the way up to the studio, while in the left lane, I got stuck behind somebody going 10MPH under the speed limit. Although I like to think that I’m a patient driver, I know that If there is one thing that rattles my cage, it’s people going well under the speed limit in the fast lane of a huge highway. Instead of riding this guys’ tail to get him to move a lane over, I decided to pass him on the right. As I went by him, that awkward moment happened where you look over at a car, and you and it’s driver make perfect movie-like soul to soul eye contact.

Wear your matching sneakers babe.

 May 2nd, 2015        Blog Posts  

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