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Wear your matching sneakers babe.

Wear your matching sneakers babe.

 May 2nd, 2015        Blog Posts  

Black Label Cutthroat
Kill Shot Antidote
Airbrushed Attraction
Chemical Dependency
California Hot And Bothered By The Sex Appeal
Loose Lip
Full Clip
Get Your Plastic Surgery
Injections For The 80’s Revival
Wear Your Best Shirt And Fakest smile

Joe Blow
Creep Low
Welcome To The Shit show
It Drips Into Your Veins Slow
Quickening Your Blood flow

Vigilante Dance Step
Golden State Murderous
Accelerated Heart Rate
Fashionista Furious
Kidnap Your Children Through The Use Of Mass Media
Taser Wire, Paralyze
Santa Ana firefight, Alright
When They Live The Cult Life, They Fall Asleep
Wear Their Matching Sneakers, Babe